What the Future Holds (#51)

the future

I was gonna try and get 53 of these done and then make this my last post but I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas and it’s crunch time now haha. Here is what I think Volkswagen will be doing in the future:

– At some point way down the line, they will begin making predominately electric cars

– Self-driving cars. As the self-driving technology currently used in the Google car gets more advanced it will be put into more cars, and at some point they will all drive themselves. They say the Google car went all across the country and the only trouble it ran into was when another person hit it.

– Periodically, Volkswagen will stop making certain models. Many of the classic ones you see on the road are just that. Eventually all the current models will be obsolete and they will be onto other things. I think there will always be something that is Bug-like in shape or looks sort of like it just because you can never forget what was so popular

– When we ditch cars for spaceships in the future, expect Volkswagen to play a big role

The car in the photoshop I made is a concept of a future Volkswagen car

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