They Won’t Even Care How You Park (#49)

cool car

It doesn’t matter where you go. Whether it’s the to the movies or the mall or a store, as long as you’re in a parking lot there’s a good chance you’re gonna see someone who’s parked like an asshole. We’ve all seen it, sometimes people park right in the middle of two spaces, sometimes they block things, and sometimes they’re just a little crooked. The idea behind this is an ad that shows various Volkswagen vehicles parked just like those people. Only instead of commenting negatively, the people who pass by pay more attention to how much they like the car. My thought process was that anything that can have that kind of effect on people is of a lot of value and must be designed well. I actually got this idea walking back to my place from class and seeing a new VW parked crooked haha.

parking space2 copy

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