Subliminal Volkswagen Art (#52)

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Okay so this one is more of an experimental idea. What I had in mind was an art show. Ignore the fact that I used actual famous paintings to show, because original art works even better. But the thing is everything has to have an element of Volkswagen in it, but the people coming to see the art show don’t know that. They think it’s just a regular art show. At the end, after they’ve seen everything, each person is asked if they noticed. If they said yes, have them answer a few questions like “how did it make you feel about the art?”, “what feelings did the art provoke?”, and “would you say the artist made the Volkswagen elements fit in with everything else?”. If the artists involved are capable enough to be able to blend everything fairly well and the viewers have a positive experience then hopefully they will connect those feelings to the brand.

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