An Awesome Billboard (#50)

cant touch this!

Anyone who has been on a long drive can tell you that there are tons of billboards. I used to go to school in the midwest so I would make that cross-country drive a few times a year, and trust me there’s not a whole lot to look at out there. The horizon is really cool because everything is so flat, but the fields and farms and trees get really repetitive. After awhile, billboards start to become a lot more interesting so I would end up looking at a lot of them. The ones that really popped out the most at you were the ones that weren’t complete rectangles, so I included something that stuck out. The colors are also important, and I found that the more colorful they were the more they would catch my eye. There are boring billboards that just have words on them, stuff like “Come to our boot store, exit 118” put onto a colored board. That’s not that exciting and doesn’t catch the eye. The best ones were always the ones that included what they were talking about so I tried to do that

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