A VW-Sponsored Gaming Competition (#54)

arcade game

arcade game2

Alriiiiight last post, let’s go! So, my idea for this one was a gaming competition in a public place. I’ve seen giveaway contests at the mall where they have a car inside an enclosed space for people to see, and a box full of papers you can fill out to try and win it. Wow, that’s so cool, you can win a car! Except, there’s nothing fun about filling out a piece of paper, and chances are I won’t win anyways so why waste my time, right? Well if you take a similar idea and actually make it fun, it will attract a lot more people and attention. There are tons of people who love playing games, and arcade games are so easy, most anyone can do them. They’re also quite inexpensive to make, which is an upside. A custom Volkswagen game in a mall would bring tons of people. I don’t know if Mr. Volkswagen President would charge per entry, but I know this guy would make everyone put in a dollar or something haha. It all depends on whether the event is meant to raise money or just awareness. So yeah, gaming contest with tons of people watching and laughing and having a good time, and the winner gets a new VW. Nice.

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