Burning Car Festival (#46)

For those of you who don’t know what Burning Man Festival is, it’s a weeklong event where thousands of people get together in the desert and surround a giant flammable sculpture of a man. There is music, dancing, and typical festival….festivities. At the end of the week they set fire to the giant man, hence “burning man” and watch him turn to ash. The people involved have said that it is ” an experiment in community, art, and radical self-expression”. It looks a little something like this

burning man real

Volkswagen, as you are by now well aware, is a strong believer in both art and self expression. The idea of being unique is an integral part of the brand. My idea for this post is that a similar event could be set up (sponsored by VW and not a week long of course) in anticipation of a new car model while another one is being retired. Every now and again Volkswagen will retire an older model and come out with a new one shortly afterwards. This event would be a get-together for VW owners, potential buyers, and anyone who wanted to come out. A giant wicker sculpture of whatever model is being retired would be the centerpiece of the gathering. Underneath would be a stone statue of the NEW model, so as the old burns away the new is revealed.



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