A Volkswagen Character on a Children’s TV Show (#47)

At first, I was thinking how I could do something with Volkwagen’s brand archetype, the Child. I started thinking about various children show’s and where a living, talking car could fit with the rest of the characters. Then it hit me: Thomas the Tank Engine.

thomas character

Yes, I know that looks terrifying. Look away if you have to. But here’s the thing, that’s kinda how all the characters on the show look and none of the children are freaked out by it at all. They love the characters and are sometimes influenced by them in their developmental years. I thought back to when I was a kid (I used to love this show) and I remembered how much I loved trains simply because the characters on the show I loved were trains. That was really the only reason and yet I thought trains were so cool. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was that age, I would have probably said a train conductor. I may not be a train conductor right now, and I may not know the first thing about how to be one, but it’s amazing how much the characters on a show can inspire kids’ imagination and get them interested in various things. A VW bug character on Thomas the Tank engine might have the same effect on kids that watch today, and it would stand out as the only car on the show (I think. It’s been awhile haha).


One thought on “A Volkswagen Character on a Children’s TV Show (#47)”

  1. I Like your photo shop skills! I never thought of the volkswagen as the child archetype so this was really interesting. Your are very right in the fact that it does indeed look terrifying but this is a cool idea. When i was a kid I remember McDonalds coming out with Ronald McDonalds playhouse TV show to introduce the brand to kids at a young age. You could push this further by writing out a pilot or some dialog, test out ways Volkswagen would talk to people and think about what lessons he would teach. Overall cool idea.


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