Volkswagen’s ‘Punch Buggy’ Discount (#44)


We all know the game “punch buggy”. You’ve probably either played it as a kid or you’ve had someone slug you and leave a bruise just because a VW bug happens to drive by. Such senseless violence — you never asked for this! Boxers, on the other hand, know what they are getting themselves into when they start training and step into the ring. Volkswagen could sponsor a Mayweather fight (maybe even against Pacquiao and pay both combatants a little bonus as incentive) and use this to come up with a discount. The thing about Floyd Mayweather is that he is IMPOSSIBLE to hit. His defense is impeccable and he has frustrated many an opponent by bobbing, weaving, and slipping punches until they tire themselves out. VW could do a deal where every hit on Floyd is a discount of a certain amount, it doesn’t have to be a lot,for the next week of Volkswagen sales. For example, if someone gets 18 hits on him and the number VW decides is 100, then customers get $1800 for the deal. This would be effective for many reasons. Tons of people would be watching the fight, including potential VW customers/buyers, you would be putting together a fight that has been awaited for a long time (if Pacquaio), and you would be offering a very interesting discount in a way that has yet to be done

One thought on “Volkswagen’s ‘Punch Buggy’ Discount (#44)”

  1. I like this idea! “Punch Buggy” is ingrained in so many people’s memories from birth that it seems like something fun and easy to capitalize on, though I wonder if it connects very well to the brand.

    Perhaps if they used a specific boxer who personified qualities that they wanted for the brand. (i.e. they were acting as a sort of “mascot” or spokesperson with certain traits)? Then again, they could even have ads that somehow tied boxing together (safety during a crash compared to punches to the face, etc)…interesting.


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