Modern/American Icon Monopoly (#42)

monopoly done

EVERYBODY knows Monopoly. Even if you’ve never played it, chances are you’ve seen commercials for the McDonald’s version of it where you have stickers on your drink and fries and win prizes. Whether you’ve played or not, Monopoly been one of the most popular board games ever if not the most popular. You only need to play it, however, to sense that it could be a little…dated. This is an update to the classic game that revamps all of the properties, cards, and most importantly the game pieces. Before, there used to be a cannon, which would be cool and symbolic if we were in Civil War times but it seems really outdated. Another game piece is an iron…seriously, an iron. Yes, an ‘iron your clothes’ type of iron. I’m honestly surprised there isnt a dinosaur game piece because I’m sure the creator must have been around to see them. The theme to this update is American Icons and modern things of importance in our culture. We’ve changed the old tophat to a shiny snapback (yes the sticker is still on the brim), the thimble to a Coca-Cola can, the cannon into a laptop, and most importantly we changed the old car that looked like it was about to break down into a Volkswagen Beetle. It isn’t important where these things came from, only that they are iconic things in America now

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