VW Parade on Main St. (the big 4-0)

parade done

The Macy’s Day Parade was a few days ago and not a Volkswagen float to be seen. Can you imagine if there was one though? The attention it would grab? A classic model like the beetle or the bus would be perfect because it would stand out and be instantly recognizable. This would be a great idea for the brand because parades are fun and by association so is Volkswagen! It would further improve their reputation of being about having a good time and let’s face it — a VW bug is just as iconic as a giant floating ‘Garfield’, only Volkswagen loves Mondays and won’t eat your lasagna. A parade float would be perfect because it is easy advertising on a grand stage (tons of people watch the Macy’s parade) that would be a lot of fun. Plus, people are much more receptive when they are in a good mood and it’s hard to be angry while in the midst of what is essentially a giant party on Thanksgiving

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