Sponsor BIG Events! (#41)

gladiator done

nike wallenda done

Volkswagen is capable of advertising in any way they want, but are commercials really enough? Sometimes it can be best to avoid an actual advertisement, but rather sponsor some type of large event. One of the first things I thought of was Flying Nik Wallenda. For those who don’t know, Nik comes from a long line of tightrope-walking daredevils, and in the past year or so he has crossed the Grand Canyon and the Chicago skyline. I think sponsoring an event like this would be perfect because you get to be the one to make the event possible, you get to cheer on Nik while he does his thing, you don’t really need to say much else and yet you still look good. The reason I thought sponsoring a tightrope walk and not something else is because tons of people watched, and it’s not exactly a fast process. Nik takes his time, as I’m sure you can understand, and we encourage that! That’s why a conveniently placed sign like in the picture would be great — it would be on screen for a looong time. Other things VW could consider sponsoring could be the NFL or a UFC pay per view fight

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