Partnership with a Celebrity (Football Player) #37


A partnership with a celebrity is always a good idea. You’ve seen it a thousand times and sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. Some recent examples that come to mind are the Richard Sherman Campbell’s Soup commercial and Peyton Manning’s commercials for Buick as well as State Farm. The job of said spokesperson would be to appear on commercials or in print and advertise a certain product. I thought a good person to choose would be Tom Brady (I would have said Manning but he’s too busy doing other commercials and Buick would probably get pissed). Much like Volkswagen beginning in America, Tom Brady was very much the underdog when he first started his career and now they are both household names. Tom makes a name for himself by winning no matter what hes working with and Volkswagen makes its name by only working with the best. Plus Tom is a spokesperson for male Ugg boots so he’ll probably be open to anything

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