Expanding Horizons (#36)

expand horizon

The idea behind this post is basically that Volkswagen could venture into a few other things. It could be to a minor degree or it could be major. An example I thought of was that they could send long-time customers helpful things like shaving cream, old fashioned razors and other cool stuff like that every year or so. Things like this would not be hard to do for the company, it’s helpful and it offers a sort of incentive to the customer as well. The reason I thought of shaving cream and razors is because everybody (or at least mostly everybody) uses them and it’s the type of activity that people need to use a lot of focus and time on. If they could spend that time around the VW brand, especially in the morning or night, it builds a sort of bond and there would also be the added bonus of them not having to worry about buying razors or shaving cream for awhile

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