Partnering with Disney (#34)

ride finish1

ride finish2

My idea for this post is a partnership between Disney and Volkswagen. More specifically I am focusing on Disney World. Both Disney and Volkswagen are supposed to appeal to the fun side of people and both brands certainly have a lot of personality. Many people will tell you that Volkswagen appeals to the Child archetype and of course Disney appeals to viewers’ inner child as well. A partnership like this would open a lot of doors for both parties. Historic Volkswagen vehicles could be implemented into the Disney World park in any number of ways, some are shown in the pictures above. There could be a cartoon or a movie about a talking car made by Disney involving Beetles or other VW models, or maybe they could add a Beetle character to the Cars franchise. Basically, I just see a lot of upside for both parties if they were to collaborate due to their similar archetype

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