A Hedgehog’s Dilemma (#32)

hedgehog dilemma


In case you can’t read it, here it is:

A HedgeHog’s Dilemma

            It was a cold, frozen winter and Harvey the hedgehog breathed out with a shivering shudder. He couldn’t find peace and sure couldn’t sleep ‘cause  outside it was cold as a mother.

He tried to get close to his sisters and brothers in a vain attempt to get warm, but a painful thing is a close-knit group of hedgehogs in a swarm. The closer they, got the more their quills would poke one another, and the pain that it left caused a massive panic that caused them to choke and to fight one another.

Harvey realized that the people that he loved were the very things he could not be close to. So he called up a car salesman from earlier that day whom he had  run into and spoke to. He told the man he seeked a place to lay his head that wasn’t as sharp as his hedgehog bed, so the man made a suggestion and Harvey took in what he said.

Harvey bought a Beetle with some room to kick back and heat for the coldest of nights, outfitted for The darkesT of night drives with the very brightest of lights.

Harvey showed off to his friends and they said it was neat that he found a dry space to escape from the sleet. “Maybe everyone can take turns In here with me, as long as nobody cheats. The only rule I have is that your quills can’t poke holes in my seats.”

I read an article that used the term “hedgehog dilemma” referring to someone who was hurt by something every time he got too close. More specifically I think they were talking about love or something. But anyways I wanted to see if I could think of how the Volkswagen brand could tie into a situation like this so I took a really literal approach and tried to write a poem or children’s book-sounding rhyme to make a story about literal hedgehogs. Honestly I think this appeals more to people who are already customers but I’m sure people who like cute things and animals would enjoy it, and probably a good number of kids too. By making a story that people want to listen to and by catching their interest with (insert cute animal here) you have a pretty good shot of having a receptive audience

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