Your VW Map (#29)

VW of all kinds

For this post I wanted to make something that looked like a map or a guide someone would get in the old west or something, where the pictures aren’t really accurate when compared to the real thing but people can still tell what they’re supposed to be. In order they go: Beetle, Golf, Passat (which was a type of German ship by the way), the Jetta (which actually kind of looks like a dolphin), the Vanagon, and the Rabbit. By the way, the Vanagon is just a van but instead of rounded edges on the corners of the vehicle they are flattened of so the whole thing looks more like an octagon than a rectangle. I chose to include some of the most popular models, but also throw in one like the Vanagon which may not get the respect it deserves. By focusing 80% on the best of what you have and 20% on improving the performance of the worse things you have, you have a good formula for success

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