Volkswagen Memes (#28)






All people my age love memes. Okay maybe not everyone but most people have at least seen them, whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram etc. Memes are a unique form of expression involving a picture of something that someone can recognize, paired with captions that people are meant to relate to. There are all kinds of memes ranging from quotes from cartoons and movies to witty social commentary and critique of public figures. Brisk Iced Tea has recently changed their advertising style to a more meme-like one that seems to be aimed at younger people who know certain lingo or speak a certain way. I think advertisements like this would work well for Volkswagen because they would reach a lot of young people and could even popularize some of the weirder models, such as the truck pictured above. Before, people would see that and just think it was a weird idea for a car. Now people see it and think, “hey man, thats that truck from that meme”

p.s. i made the memes

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