You Need a Good Roof Over Your Head (#27)

cistine chapel blank

“There it is, Michelangelo. This is the ceiling that we want you to paint…but we’re going with a theme here. We want something heavenly, something that shows the true value to be found in the world. Something that evokes inner peace. We will have our hardest workers assist you in assembling the platform you’ll need to do it. They’re good men and they can get any supplies you need. I know you mostly work with marble…but you are a very talented man — do you think you’re up to it?”

Michelangelo final

“Do you even know who I am??”

hand painting

(Some number of days later)

Priest: “Michelangelo, you’ve been up there for well over a week and you have yet to work your way into the main part of the canvas, is something wrong?”

sistine done

“Something wrong? My good man, I have just finished and am now admiring my work, and I must say it’s PERFECT!”

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