Life Lessons (#26)


“Dad, why are you digging a hole in the backyard? And why is there a VW bug down there?!”


“Well son, I’m digging because many many years ago your mother and I buried a whole bunch of stuff back there. Sort of a time capsule-type project. And the car was part of it, but there’s somewhat of a story behind it…come outside, I’ll show you”


“I buried that car 20 years ago when I got a new one. In hindsight I probably could have stored it in a garage somewhere but NEVERTHELESS you need to take a look at this”

blue beetle

“Its been there all this time and it still looks like brand new. It will still RUN like it’s brand new. Compare this car to the red one we’ve had in the driveway for years…”

car parts switched

“No matter how much time goes by, the majority of the parts still fit into the older models and it’s easy to find the ones you need. This is how you know VW has a winning formula. When decades go by and you still can’t come up with a possible improvement to your parts, you know you’re doing something right. This is a reliable car and you’re gonna need to start driving soon. I set this car aside long ago because I wanted to teach you this lesson today, many years down the road: the most important thing to a car is that it is reliable and compatible. I want you to have it when you get your license”

“Dad…no way. Thank you so much!”

“You’re cleaning the bugs out of the car though. Lots of bugs in there”

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