Good Things Come From Germany (#25)

american favorites

There are lots of stories and claims as to where the first hamburger may have been cooked and we may never be certain, but many people will tell you it was invented by one Otto Krause in 1891, who topped his burgers with a fried egg as well. This may come as a surprise to a lot of people who assumed because it is such a staple food here, it must have originated here as well. We also have Volkswagen, which is a staple car manufacturer for people in America, although significantly more people know where VW’s roots are. If you believe that Otto Krause was the true inventor of this meaty favorite and you’re a car-savvy individual with an interest in history then you know that good things come from Germany. If new things pop up from other places and become so integral to your lives that you don’t remember where they came from, I’d say you found yourself something good.

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