Unapologetic Style (#21)

sorry board 1

sorry board2 copy

In the board game “Sorry!”, players pick cards from a deck and move one of their four pieces that number of spaces. You have to bring each of your four pieces out of the starting area, loop around the board once, and get to the finish area. Landing on the same space as an opponent is bad news for them, as you knock their piece back to the start while saying “sorry!”. At Volkswagen we like games, we love fun, but we struggle with following the rules and we are¬†completely unapologetic about what we bring to the table. When we pull up to a casual observer at a red light and they stop and stare, we stare right back and smile. Cue the head nod and green light, and that guy is left in the dust wondering who the mystery man with the nice car was. Everyday pleasure, great value, and innovative design. With tons of years and models under our belt we’re sure to have just the thing for you. One hell of a driving experience, no apologies.

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