Sponsor BIG Events! (#41)

gladiator done

nike wallenda done

Volkswagen is capable of advertising in any way they want, but are commercials really enough? Sometimes it can be best to avoid an actual advertisement, but rather sponsor some type of large event. One of the first things I thought of was Flying Nik Wallenda. For those who don’t know, Nik comes from a long line of tightrope-walking daredevils, and in the past year or so he has crossed the Grand Canyon and the Chicago skyline. I think sponsoring an event like this would be perfect because you get to be the one to make the event possible, you get to cheer on Nik while he does his thing, you don’t really need to say much else and yet you still look good. The reason I thought sponsoring a tightrope walk and not something else is because tons of people watched, and it’s not exactly a fast process. Nik takes his time, as I’m sure you can understand, and we encourage that! That’s why a conveniently placed sign like in the picture would be great — it would be on screen for a looong time. Other things VW could consider sponsoring could be the NFL or a UFC pay per view fight

VW Parade on Main St. (the big 4-0)

parade done

The Macy’s Day Parade was a few days ago and not a Volkswagen float to be seen. Can you imagine if there was one though? The attention it would grab? A classic model like the beetle or the bus would be perfect because it would stand out and be instantly recognizable. This would be a great idea for the brand because parades are fun and by association so is Volkswagen! It would further improve their reputation of being about having a good time and let’s face it — a VW bug is just as iconic as a giant floating ‘Garfield’, only Volkswagen loves Mondays and won’t eat your lasagna. A parade float would be perfect because it is easy advertising on a grand stage (tons of people watch the Macy’s parade) that would be a lot of fun. Plus, people are much more receptive when they are in a good mood and it’s hard to be angry while in the midst of what is essentially a giant party on Thanksgiving

Hire a Street Artist Like Banksy (#39)


For those who don’t know, Banksy is a very well known street artist in England who travels around and leaves his works in public places for the world to see. The art usually is a picture that evokes a strong message to the viewer, or sometimes a picture and words to get the point across the way he wants to. For example, one his works has the words “Follow Your Dreams” written on a wall. Next to it is the depiction of a man who is covering these words up with his own words, which read “CANCELLED”. Through art like this he is able to express a very large message with ease, and they aren’t always negative like the example I gave. The problem with Banksy specifically is that while we know which works are his, we don’t exactly know who he is or how to find him. He’s kind of sneaky that way and has gone through his whole career in secrecy. That may pose a problem but he does have a website so reaching out to create a positive message about the VW brand would be a great way to advertise and would draw a lot of people just because of the fact that it’s art. Tying in with the brand, the words in the picture read “The dark behind you doesn’t diminish the light ahead”. For those that don’t know, the Beetle was designed under orders from Hitler, who wasn’t the most fun guy to socialize with. There were some dark things going on in those times but look at how Volkswagen has grown since then. While you should never forget your roots, they do NOT define where you can go and how successful you will be

A Volkswagen Animation (#38)

I made this with an old program so its not really flashy or anything but the idea is that it is meant to show the sleekness and design. If a VW was dismantled this way in a real commercial you would see all the actual moving parts and look a lot better. A lot of people don’t want to have anything to do with a car if they don’t know what’s going on inside of it. At the end I showed a satisfied customer who looks creepy as all hell but hey, he’s happy. The music I put over it was “Murderers” by John Frusciante

Partnership with a Celebrity (Football Player) #37


A partnership with a celebrity is always a good idea. You’ve seen it a thousand times and sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. Some recent examples that come to mind are the Richard Sherman Campbell’s Soup commercial and Peyton Manning’s commercials for Buick as well as State Farm. The job of said spokesperson would be to appear on commercials or in print and advertise a certain product. I thought a good person to choose would be Tom Brady (I would have said Manning but he’s too busy doing other commercials and Buick would probably get pissed). Much like Volkswagen beginning in America, Tom Brady was very much the underdog when he first started his career and now they are both household names. Tom makes a name for himself by winning no matter what hes working with and Volkswagen makes its name by only working with the best. Plus Tom is a spokesperson for male Ugg boots so he’ll probably be open to anything

Expanding Horizons (#36)

expand horizon

The idea behind this post is basically that Volkswagen could venture into a few other things. It could be to a minor degree or it could be major. An example I thought of was that they could send long-time customers helpful things like shaving cream, old fashioned razors and other cool stuff like that every year or so. Things like this would not be hard to do for the company, it’s helpful and it offers a sort of incentive to the customer as well. The reason I thought of shaving cream and razors is because everybody (or at least mostly everybody) uses them and it’s the type of activity that people need to use a lot of focus and time on. If they could spend that time around the VW brand, especially in the morning or night, it builds a sort of bond and there would also be the added bonus of them not having to worry about buying razors or shaving cream for awhile

The Holidays Are Right Around the Corner (#35)

tree finish1

The Holidays are right around the corner…

tree finish 3

What do you want this year?

This one is obviously an appeal to the holidays and maybe it could offer some kind of Christmas savings deal. Maybe the gift you’ve been waiting for can’t fit underneath the tree. Just keep your fingers crossed the keys are there and there’s something in the driveway.

Partnering with Disney (#34)

ride finish1

ride finish2

My idea for this post is a partnership between Disney and Volkswagen. More specifically I am focusing on Disney World. Both Disney and Volkswagen are supposed to appeal to the fun side of people and both brands certainly have a lot of personality. Many people will tell you that Volkswagen appeals to the Child archetype and of course Disney appeals to viewers’ inner child as well. A partnership like this would open a lot of doors for both parties. Historic Volkswagen vehicles could be implemented into the Disney World park in any number of ways, some are shown in the pictures above. There could be a cartoon or a movie about a talking car made by Disney involving Beetles or other VW models, or maybe they could add a Beetle character to the Cars franchise. Basically, I just see a lot of upside for both parties if they were to collaborate due to their similar archetype

Horse and Buggy (#33)

horse and buggy

Crude picture aside, I think the idea behind this is a good one. Sometimes around parks or even in cities you come across horse drawn buggies carrying people either to get to a destination or just for something fun to do. I think a carriage made to look like a VW bug (or really any car) would make a great advertisement. It would draw a lot of people with its unique design and definitely ties into the brand. A ride like this would look good, it would be fun for everybody in the family, is a great way to pass the time, and will hopefully be a good value just like Volkswagen. Places like Central Park and other parks that are in somewhat urban areas would make good places to do this

A Hedgehog’s Dilemma (#32)

hedgehog dilemma


In case you can’t read it, here it is:

A HedgeHog’s Dilemma

            It was a cold, frozen winter and Harvey the hedgehog breathed out with a shivering shudder. He couldn’t find peace and sure couldn’t sleep ‘cause  outside it was cold as a mother.

He tried to get close to his sisters and brothers in a vain attempt to get warm, but a painful thing is a close-knit group of hedgehogs in a swarm. The closer they, got the more their quills would poke one another, and the pain that it left caused a massive panic that caused them to choke and to fight one another.

Harvey realized that the people that he loved were the very things he could not be close to. So he called up a car salesman from earlier that day whom he had  run into and spoke to. He told the man he seeked a place to lay his head that wasn’t as sharp as his hedgehog bed, so the man made a suggestion and Harvey took in what he said.

Harvey bought a Beetle with some room to kick back and heat for the coldest of nights, outfitted for The darkesT of night drives with the very brightest of lights.

Harvey showed off to his friends and they said it was neat that he found a dry space to escape from the sleet. “Maybe everyone can take turns In here with me, as long as nobody cheats. The only rule I have is that your quills can’t poke holes in my seats.”

I read an article that used the term “hedgehog dilemma” referring to someone who was hurt by something every time he got too close. More specifically I think they were talking about love or something. But anyways I wanted to see if I could think of how the Volkswagen brand could tie into a situation like this so I took a really literal approach and tried to write a poem or children’s book-sounding rhyme to make a story about literal hedgehogs. Honestly I think this appeals more to people who are already customers but I’m sure people who like cute things and animals would enjoy it, and probably a good number of kids too. By making a story that people want to listen to and by catching their interest with (insert cute animal here) you have a pretty good shot of having a receptive audience