6 Reasons (#20)


1. You don’t have to wait until October or November to own a VW — you can check one out anytime you like!

2. Fall may have the best colors, but choose a vehicle in an autumn color and you’ll have that fall feeling all year round.

3. The smell of pumpkin pie is good, but have you smelled the inside of a new Jetta or Beetle? I’m not saying you can effectively smell the work that went into the upholstery on the seats but you pretty much can!

4. The fun of picking out a pumpkin doesn’t last very long, as most of them rot away in the weeks following Halloween. On the other hand, the feeling you get as a VW owner stays for a lifetime and  makes a better statement than any regular Jack-O-Lantern could.

5. If you get to the pumpkin patch too late you may be forced to pick from the small, old, or unappealing pumpkins when everybody knows it’s all about how it will look when you’re done. Not to worry, when it comes to models, Volkswagen has something for everybody. Even if you can’t be accommodated as early as you would like, we will do the work for you and make sure you get something you’re happy with!

6. Why wait in line for a slow hayride when you could be getting into your own Volkswagen for a joyride with friends? Any ladies up for some pumpkin spice lattes?

It all comes down to this. Many people will wait all year to do their favorite things in a very small window of time. But Volkswagen owners aren’t most people. They are unique; they go against the grain. They do things they love all year long because they understand there’s no reason not to. Where others see social norms and strictures, they see opportunities. Don’t let this opportunity get by you

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