Play Around With One

rubix done

The idea behind this one has a few parts to it. First, the many facets of the rubix cube are meant to show the many colors, shapes, sizes and uses of all the different Volkswagen models, although I used Beetles so that even when they are shrunk down to a small size you can still tell what brand they are. Additionally, the concept of a rubix cube is interesting because some people have an affinity for them and others dont. The people who understand them know that that it isnt so much a difficult puzzle, but rather there is a method to completing it. Either way, it is a game that you have to fool around with for a little while, but the feeling once you complete it is rewarding. I am connecting this to the Volkswagen brand by encouraging people to “fool around with one”, or rather test drive one and see if they enjoy it enough to get that rewarding feeling afterwards.

By the way 45 minutes definitely went into this one because that photoshop took FOREVER

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