Make it a Fun Journey (#15)


“Sam…I have to go on a quest. I have to travel all the way through Middle Earth, all the way to Mordor. I have to destroy the One Ring. I am tasked with this perilous journey but I can’t do it alone. Will you come with me?”


“Yeah, for sure!”

frodo 2

“Im driving.”

Landscape Photographer of the Year Book, Britain - Dec 2012

We all know Frodo and Sam had to make quite a trip in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This was made even more difficult by all the dangers they ran into, as well as the fact that they are much smaller than most people and were also, for whatever reason, barefoot. So in some ways they weren’t the most prepared. But can you imagine if they had the chance to drive a Beetle or another Volkswagen model? Loads of space for more supplies, a place to sleep and a great way to cruise through Middle Earth and take in the scenery. If it’s gonna be a journey,you may as well make it a fun one.

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