6 Reasons (#20)


1. You don’t have to wait until October or November to own a VW — you can check one out anytime you like!

2. Fall may have the best colors, but choose a vehicle in an autumn color and you’ll have that fall feeling all year round.

3. The smell of pumpkin pie is good, but have you smelled the inside of a new Jetta or Beetle? I’m not saying you can effectively smell the work that went into the upholstery on the seats but you pretty much can!

4. The fun of picking out a pumpkin doesn’t last very long, as most of them rot away in the weeks following Halloween. On the other hand, the feeling you get as a VW owner stays for a lifetime and  makes a better statement than any regular Jack-O-Lantern could.

5. If you get to the pumpkin patch too late you may be forced to pick from the small, old, or unappealing pumpkins when everybody knows it’s all about how it will look when you’re done. Not to worry, when it comes to models, Volkswagen has something for everybody. Even if you can’t be accommodated as early as you would like, we will do the work for you and make sure you get something you’re happy with!

6. Why wait in line for a slow hayride when you could be getting into your own Volkswagen for a joyride with friends? Any ladies up for some pumpkin spice lattes?

It all comes down to this. Many people will wait all year to do their favorite things in a very small window of time. But Volkswagen owners aren’t most people. They are unique; they go against the grain. They do things they love all year long because they understand there’s no reason not to. Where others see social norms and strictures, they see opportunities. Don’t let this opportunity get by you

“Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride” (#19)

Hunter S Thompson

The copious amount of drugs I had taken began to take hold as I was on the edge of the destert coming into Las Vegas. There was no resisting it now. Ambling about, I found a place to sit down and drink myself into further delirium. As I sat down at the bar, I was pouring sweat…my blood is too thick for Nevada. I’ve never been able to properly explain myself in this climate.

trip 1

It started off slow, with creeping visions of the fluid colors and patterns in the room moving about, as if to coax me further into my bender.

trip 2

Terrible things were happening around me. “Jesus Creeping God!” I shrieked. Puddles of some dark liquid were beginning to pool on the floor in front of me. Was it blood? Mud? Mystery goop of a variety that isn’t important? “Impossible to walk in this muck…no footing at all.” Things were getting decidedly worse and I realized I had to come up with a tactic to rid my mind of these horrific images

trip 3

Egads! These people were turning into monstrous lizard-people right before my very eyes. Scales, tails, and jagged, gnarled nails. These were not the people I wished to spend the remainder of the evening with, but I had no place to go. I knew the bad vibrations of this place were really inside my mind, so I decided to substitute these vile creatures for something more familiar. As fate would have it, I had lost my car at the beginning of this latest binge, so my mind jumped around between ideas for the new ride. “Uniqueness…got to have uniqueness. What kind of man am I if it doesn’t? Surely not a unique one,” I mumbled under my breath, letting the lizard people blur out of focus. I wiped my brow about four times. “Affordability….reliability….good reputation…”

Thompson 2

“Good Lord, how could I have not seen? It’s been right in front of me this whole time!”

trip 4 copy

After hours of horrifying visions and taking in fully this distorted view of reality in a town that’s already quite slanted to begin with…I knew it was my time to go. Remembering what I had decided the night before, I quickly made a purchase. A red Volkswagen bus and just enough gas to get me the hell out of dodge. Clarity is creeping back in, and one thing I know to be true is this: I made a total of one good decision in the past 24 hours.

The idea behind this post can be looked at a few different ways. In the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, Johnny Depp plays Hunter S. Thompson, a well-known writer whose signature style I tried to emulate above. Throughout the movie, Thompson wanders around Las Vegas while under the influence of who knows how many drugs. The scenes in the film are chaotic, colorful, and hard to follow because you are seeing through his eyes. I wanted to tie in an aspect that I made up, where he loses his car and has to think of his next purchase. As a writer, he needs a reliable vehicle that doesn’t cost a fortune. I tried to show that even while high on upwards of 10 different psychoactive drugs, he had the presence of mind to know that Volkswagen is the brand for him. Thats how obvious it should be to people.

Spread A Little Love (#18)

spread love

Who doesn’t love a good PB&J? They’re not just delicious — they’re a staple food here in the US. And while Volkswagen may have gotten its start in Germany, it too has become an icon here in America. When I see an old bug or van, I think about a time that I wasn’t even around to see, but it’s almost like I can still envision it. I can’t imagine what memories are evoked in the minds of those who were actually there when they catch a glimpse of one. The 60’s and 70’s were an era where peace and love were popular and so was Volkswagen. It became THE car brand for members of the counterculture because it said both “I’m different” and “I love you”. Spread a little love today.

Make Sure It’s Something You’ll Always Want (#17)

arm done

Everybody has a different opinion when it comes to tattoos. Some people love them, some people hate them. But even if you aren’t pro-tattoo yourself, you know that you don’t just walk into the tattoo parlor and get something done on a whim. It may be considered art and you may find meaning in it but that meaning can change as time goes by and you yourself change. Much like a tattoo, buying a car is a commitment and you need to be sure you’re making the right choice. Choose Volkswagen and there will be no buyer’s remorse or regret. I can’t speak for the “No Ragrets” tattoo on your chest, but going VW a choice you can feel proud about for many years to come.

Play Around With One

rubix done

The idea behind this one has a few parts to it. First, the many facets of the rubix cube are meant to show the many colors, shapes, sizes and uses of all the different Volkswagen models, although I used Beetles so that even when they are shrunk down to a small size you can still tell what brand they are. Additionally, the concept of a rubix cube is interesting because some people have an affinity for them and others dont. The people who understand them know that that it isnt so much a difficult puzzle, but rather there is a method to completing it. Either way, it is a game that you have to fool around with for a little while, but the feeling once you complete it is rewarding. I am connecting this to the Volkswagen brand by encouraging people to “fool around with one”, or rather test drive one and see if they enjoy it enough to get that rewarding feeling afterwards.

By the way 45 minutes definitely went into this one because that photoshop took FOREVER

Make it a Fun Journey (#15)


“Sam…I have to go on a quest. I have to travel all the way through Middle Earth, all the way to Mordor. I have to destroy the One Ring. I am tasked with this perilous journey but I can’t do it alone. Will you come with me?”


“Yeah, for sure!”

frodo 2

“Im driving.”

Landscape Photographer of the Year Book, Britain - Dec 2012

We all know Frodo and Sam had to make quite a trip in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This was made even more difficult by all the dangers they ran into, as well as the fact that they are much smaller than most people and were also, for whatever reason, barefoot. So in some ways they weren’t the most prepared. But can you imagine if they had the chance to drive a Beetle or another Volkswagen model? Loads of space for more supplies, a place to sleep and a great way to cruise through Middle Earth and take in the scenery. If it’s gonna be a journey,you may as well make it a fun one.