“Classic” (#10)

Mario done

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Super Mario is one of those things pretty much everybody can recognize right away due to its immense popularity and the fact that when it first came out it was cutting edge. Volkswagen is similar in the sense that you still see older models like the VW bus today, and you immediately know what it is. At the same time it reminds people of a different era and has that classic feel

Flawless Design (#9)


Commander: “Luke, can you see it? There should be an exhaust port..if you can find it and fire a perfect shot it will destroy the whole station”


Luke: “Yeah I’m here, I’m looking now and it looks amazing”

C: “…Amazing?”

L: “Yeah you should check this out, it looks great. Theres a lot more value here than I would have expected… it’s sleek and I bet it has a really comfortable interior…they’re getting their money’s worth with this thing. No exhaust port though, you’re not gonna find a design flaw like that on THIS baby. We’re headed back.”


The idea behind this obviously came from Star Wars. The death star was probably the biggest, most expensive weapon ever while at the same time being super easy to blow up. That’s a major design flaw, and as you can imagine it kind of takes away from what it was intended to be in the first place. What this post is essentially saying is that you won’t find any flaws that take away from your excitement of owning a VW

Good Things Come In Swarms (#7)


The idea behind this post is that various Volkswagen models are being portrayed as a swarm of ants or some other insect on the bark of a tree. This is to exaggerate the number of models and features that VW offers as well as to show that these are also rugged, durable cars that you can take on all your outdoor adventures

Back To The Drawing Board (#6)







After hearing feedback from the class I thought I’d make it clear what the idea is behind each of my posts. This one was just meant to be a detailed diagram that starts off rough and plain looking and ends up displaying the vehicle while pointing out key features that make the brand unique. By the way school bus yellow is definitely not my color of choice but I only had a highlighter haha

Flag on the Play



*tires screech*


“And it looks like there’s gonna be a flag on the play…Johnson hops out of his Volkswagen and joins the refs to find out what the penalty is this time”




“Penalty on the offense for TOO MUCH motoring pleasure”

*booing ensues*




Come on, ref. Everybody knows theres no such thing as too much motoring pleasure. 

Do it YOUR way with Volkswagen.

The next day on SportsCenter…



“today we have a clip of a ref who doesnt know value or innovative design when he sees it!!”